The strength of our management team is complimented by an extraordinary group of professionals with many years of experience in the energy industry.

Nick Clark, president of Utility Network & Partners
Mr. Nick Clark - President

Utility Network & Partners Inc.


Mr. Clark’s experience prior to his entry to the Alberta energy market includes work in domestic and international markets with the telecommunications and broadcasting industry, several government agencies as well as co-founder of two “start-up” Tech and consulting ventures.

UTILITYnet was founded in 1978 with development of the Electrical Power Supervision System (EPSS) for Imperial Oil.  The EPSS was developed as a means of controlling and managing electrical energy costs for their operations.. 

IIn addition to many of the original Oil & Gas sector companies that still use EPSS, Utility Network & Partners provides billing and electrical load settlement services to industrial, commercial, small business and REAs (Rural Electrification Areas) as well as a number of Alberta based retail electrical providers and work with these firms includes load settlement, hedging and purchasing power as well as all financial settlement with retail customers.

Mr Duncan Embry - President

Embry Holdings


Duncan started his career in the power industry working in the retail division of EPCOR Utilities during the start of deregulation in Alberta.

Upon the Alberta markets full conversion to an energy only deregulated market, Duncan moved into the trading of whole sale power and portfolio optimization for EPCOR within their newly created trading desk. For the next three years he was responsible for managing EPCOR’s Alberta power exposure in the real time market.

Later Duncan moved to EPCOR’s Mid-Columbia desk to trade power in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. This included both speculative trading of real time power and asset optimization of newly acquired natural gas assets.


Duncan's move to TransAlta Energy entailed trading power and optimizing a portfolio of assets including Alberta, MidC, California and the desert southwest. Duncan was also tasked with starting an Ancillary Service cash desk marketing reserve power to system operators in western North American power markets.  After ancillary services Duncan became an Alberta Term Trader where he oversaw the creation and implementation of an Alberta real time and cash desk.


Duncan was then recruited by Twin Cities Energy, a proprietary trading fund, to build out the west trading division including responsibilities for speculative trading of power, oil and gas in the west hubs from Alberta, MidC, California and ERCOT. 


After three profitable years trading speculative positions at Twin Cities, Duncan established his own consultancy to trade as an agent for Chesapeaker Energy under his hown company, Embry Holdings.