Syncarb respects the environment, consults with communities and maintains a rigid safety standard
Syncarb respects the environment, consults with communities and maintains rigid safety standards

Our actions are guided by three basic principles.

  • We will engineer and design all of our projects to be "best in class" and monitor all of our projects for environmental impacts.

  • We will strive to be responsible stewards for the environment and adhere to a strict code of conduct on land, in water and in air and respect nature at all times.  

  • We will be open and transparent and provide environmental reports on our progress to achieve the highest environmental standards possible.

Community Consultation

Our goal is to develop sensible distributed energy projects and quality job opportunities.

​As a committed energy developer we respect and understand the important role that the community we work in has on how we do business.  Our success depends on earning the trust and consent of residents in communities wherever we operate.


We are committed to collaborate with our community residents, provide transparency in our work with each stakeholder and respect their views.

Our commitment guides us as we aim to develop long-term relationships with those affected by our business including employees, community members, shareholders, suppliers, organizations and governments.


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Syncarb respects the environment, consults with communities and maintains rigid safety standards

By our behaviour, we will demonstrate Syncarb’s commitment to achieving our vision of leadership in environment, health and safety performance  This will be done by supporting a collaborative, partnership approach for the development of sustainable solutions to environment, health and safety issues.

Syncarb integrates environment, health and safety considerations into business plans, facilities and product designs, operating practices and employee development and performance programs.

Syncarb Energy Systems Ltd. will provide HSE orientation, training, and opportunities for all employees and contractors as a critical element of business operations.  The education and training on safety as well as improving the technical talent is seen as a key business strategy. 


Mandatory HSE training will be tracked, additional training encouraged, and employees will be given opportunities to be involved in the HSE program. The Hazard Identification Program, regular HSE inspections and reporting, and Safety meetings will engage the workforce, surpassing industry standards.


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