Syncarb has embarked on an agressive small generation development program

".... Syncarb has embarked on an agressive small generation development program...."​

After extensive market analysis and review, Syncarb has embarked on an aggressive small generation development program which entails the permitting and construction/operation of a series of small (<5 MW) generators which will be located throughout Alberta.

Syncarb’s business model is predicated on the unique nature of Alberta’s deregulated electrical marketplace.


Each hour of every day, the wholesale price of power changes to reflect market supply and demand.  An understanding of this price volatility provides a snapshot which highlights the value of establishing generators designed to export power at only those periods when optimum pricing is available.  Examples of successfully operated periodic generators already exist in the Alberta market, but; these generators are typically greater in size than those which Syncarb is installing.


​The Syncarb generator program is able to complete the purchase and installation of a generation station in 9-12 months from permitting to commissioning.  The flexibility of our design and installation program creates the ability to quickly identify appropriate sites and capitalize on existing infrastructure with a resulting reduction in capital costs and interest carrying charges while the facility is under construction.

Syncarb has devised a proprietary software program which is able to "read" projected power pricing from the AESO (Alberta Energy System Operator) website and from this reading able to determine the financial viability of remotely turning on a generator to take advantage of pricing for that period in time.​


Generators are assembly-line manufactured units built to exacting ISO standards and engineered and configured to operate using natural gas, methane, diesel, bio-gas, syngas and many other fuel types. 

Their sophisticated operating systems and software allow them to be remotely located and monitored from a central location via standard telecommunication systems and they are readily serviced/maintained by trained mechanics.