Syncarb - A Paradigm Shift

Every once in a while there is a paradigm shift that occurs in industry and that so changes the direction of that industry thatt there is no going back.

Solar panels are on that trajectory, wind power too is having that impact and now you can add Syncarb to the list.

Where there are now about 4,000 electrical utilities with more than $4 billion in annual revenue, the advent of solar and wind at grid parity means that the utility industry has the potential to become a loosely connected 130 million utilities as every single consumer in North America can become it's very own utility and challenge the near monopoly that existing industry has basked in for the last 100 years.

How does Syncarb fit in all this given its more conventional natural gas power generation?

Easy! Syncarb power generation plants have an ability to bridge the gap between 24/7 conventional power generation and the spotty irregular generation capacity of solar and wind.

With an ability to turn on in 5 minutes, Syncarb's ability to react to market shortages is the perfect bridge technology as we collectively move to renewable energy.

Wait for it, Syncarb is coming soon to a community near you.

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