Syncarb Energy develops innovative financially intelligent electrical energy generation assets

".... a desire and resolve to create "cleaner" solutions..."​

Co-founders, Dave McDonald, Jim Floyd and Larry Peters formed Syncarb Energy Systems Ltd. in 2011 with the primary focus on development of innovative and financially intelligent electrical energy generation systems.  A review of the western Canadian energy market along with a study of various technologies ensued.  A final decision was made to concentrate on small generation systems specifically for the Alberta electricity market.  The innovative business model created for the Alberta deregulated power market exhibited the greatest potential return on investment while also conforming to a desire and resolve to create "cleaner" solutions to the energy provider market.​


After an extensive review of the deregulated Alberta electricity market including interviews with all governing bodies, equipment manufacturers/suppliers, industry veterans, independent electricity traders, natural gas brokers and competitors, it has been determined that there is a significant financial advantage to the development of a series of what is defined by the Alberta Energy System Operator (AESO) as "small generation".  Now; with the exhaustive review of the Alberta deregulated market behind us, we are moving forward with an aggressive business model which will take advantage of the discovered Alberta small generation opportunity. 


Our goal is to create strong recurring revenue streams using environmentally and financially progressive technologies.  The advancement of a series of small natural gas generation plants creates the path which will achieve our goals.,