Syncarb Business Development for Electrical Generation Assets Plants

".... create intelligent energy projects for a better world."​

Syncarb's electrical generation philosophy centres on the development of distributed energy generation.  The logical and practical consideration of creating energy where it is being used rather than being far removed from its market, creates opportunities to work with industry and government alike in all regions.


We are actively seeking new opportunities to locate our electrical generation plants and continue to demonstrate the value in distributed energy.  Plants can be fully developed, owned and operated by Syncarb or can be part of a negotiated Joint Venture.


Sites and locations can be;

  • Orphan and producing natural gas wells

  • Compressor stations

  • Co-generation applications for process heat or space conditioning

  • District Energy Systems

  • Serviced light industrial land developments

  • Municipal land fill sites

The Syncarb team brings experience, engineering, technologies and financial strength to work with you and your team to create a unique, green and profitable electrical energy creation centre. 


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